This is the face of a nurse showing the effects of wearing a mask 65 hours worth of shifts in six days. She is one of many heroes putting it on the line for strangers asking for nothing, no glory or even mention, in return.


There will be no parades, nor most likely can we ever adequately thank all who acted without hesitation to try to make a difference. In my more jaded moments, I imagine once this is over, people like her finally wearily able to take a moment to sit down as throngs of people rush past them, not even slowing down as to get to the store to buy armloads or microwave pizza pockets or to the beach to take side standing poses to post on Instagram. That’s probably at least for North America, close to the truth. The hope however is that going forward  we find a better way from how we were as a society, “returning to normal” not necessarily a good thing.

I thank and salute these people regardless of how collectively they are treated after the fact.


This is watercolor on 9×12 paper. I used a brand new paper which I liked and will continue to use.


10 thoughts on “Hero

  1. Yes nurses are surely heroes. Wearing the face mask for that long does make a mess of a beautiful face (just one of the little unthought of sacrifices). Love your art and your blog. Thank you.❤️

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  2. In my country, as well as so happens in others, certainly, I know of more children walking, experiencing Earth and life, and reading. Whatever happens on the other side of this, I think there will be a small # of people that become less shallow & learn what is important & for what to work hard, notably, self-reliance.

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  3. I have hope that things won’t go back to the way they were. I feel there is a lot of good coming out of this time even though there is terrible loss. Such an expressive drawing!

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