• main mediums are graphite & watercolor in figurative style and collage.

    With collage, mine are a little different than the rest. I only use images from photos which I personally took. I am so serious about collaging that I came up with a term for mine ( Cinefield®) which I then had trademarked.

  • The definition is “Flat, two-dimensional visual works of art on paper which create the feeling of movie-like narratives through a composition of image rich and story-like printed pictures. I never use any digital magic. All my work utilizes the traditional method of scissors and adhesive applied with brush. It is very time consuming and I equate it to some extent to the master watchmakers and those bent over their bench haute couture maestros who hand sew every bead onto a piece.

  • Various works have appeared in shows over the past decade to good notice, becoming part of private collections.
  • I have an ongoing, informal Portrait Project. Music & literature being my biggest influences, I have done a series of portraits of artists whom I admire with their direct involvement. To date the project has included:
    • Ran Blake, Francoiz Breut, Lew Tabackin, Olga Neuwirth, Deqn-Sue, Jean Grae, Gebhard Ullmann, Ralph Carney, Michael Jefry Stevens, Allen Lowe, Hristo Vitchev, Jeremy Pelt, Roscoe Mitchell, David Liebman, Lil Ed Williams, Dick Hyman, Peter Kember, Fred Hersh, Jessica Ramsey, Nicole Andrews, Nash Kato, Deanna Knight, Theo Bleckmann, Lydia Loveless , Anna Clementi, Bardo Martinez (Chicano Batman), Woody Shaw, Luc Tuymans, Elvin Bishop, Darnell Little, Mark Applebaum and Kini Rao.
  • San Francisco MOMA chose my painting “Elle Dort” to appear on their Tumblr.
  • My piece 1A Landing SOCAL was chosen by the Saatchi Gallery to be projected onto the Saatchi Screen for the same named ongoing project. on the second floor of the Saatchi Gallery.
  • Darnell Little used my portrait drawing of him for the cover image of his new album “The Darnell Little Tapes 2” and all accompanying media
  • 2019 My art was used for the credits and to start and end each segment for the upcoming movie “4 Stories & A Funeral” directed by Kris Correya.
  • 2018/19 My first portrait of composer/musician Roscoe Mitchell was used for the official tee shirts for the world wide tour marking the 50th Anniversary of The Art Ensemble of Chicago.
  • July 2020 My collage “Dorothy Dreams of a Gone America” appeared in Another Chicago Magazine accompanying text by Salvatore Pane
  • June 2021 the band Crooks on Tape released a limited edition picture disc  vinyl  “Prime Time / More Dismay” using some of my Cinefield® work for front/back cover and the actual vinyl.
  • January 2022 my Cinefield® – Where the Sauce is Deluxe is being used as the cover of the  full length album of the same name by Funki Porcini
  • Getty Image contributor

Under the moniker of B-Wolfe I have created original image stickers professionally printed in vinyl that are in The Hatch Kingdom Sticker Museum (Berlin, Germany) as part of their permanent collection.  B-Wolfe works continue to appear in many street arts shows and festivals all around Europe and North America. The B-Wolfe stickers have received numerous write ups in journals and sites.