There is a lot of precision in my drawings & paintings. I have always been serious about my sculptures but those are of a completely different process. They are largely improvised on the spot using whatever materials I have around. Often, they are not meant to last.

Collage is fairly new medium to me. They fall somewhere between my paintings & sculpture.There is an element of surrealism in them that does not appear in my work of other mediums. Ahead of time,  I always have in my mind the composition but i also leave room for some improvisations.

My first collages were really large 22×30 inches. They were not meant to last which made it feel freeing. Eventually being all the remained, the photos of the work would themselves become the art.

I used glue sticks and scissors to create my works. With my paintings, they need few days to dry. With the collages as soon as I was finished I needed to snap some photos as pieces would begin curling, bubbling or falling off.

Right out of the gate i got the same feeling of serving the process I get in creating my other works. People were interested in obtaining the actual pieces and not just prints/photos of them.

I invested in several pairs of good scissors and started using adhesive which also coats the works surface as well. In reading up on adhesives I found there is controversy over where images for a collage come from. Depending upon the  country, there are things which are illegal or if not that then despite semantics, a jerky thing to do. Were my images to be lifted I know that I would not be happy about it. This brought about my decision to largely use images from photos which I myself took. An added advantage to this is that it often feels as if collage is not taken as seriously stateside. Collage seems to conjure up images of of someone with nothing to do clipping pictures out of magazines while watching television. Using my own photos bolsters the legitimacy as art form and not mere hobby.

Painting, sculpture, collage, it is never an either or for me. All are part of the whole. I do find my painting helps my achieve more volume and mass in my collages. Now, all my works cross influence and inspire each other.

For drawing I constantly change up what equipment i use, the idea being that I can create work when on the road and in under far from ideal situations ( a waitress’s pencil, the back of a paper bag et al) . A lovely letter from someone compared my collages to jazz. This planted the idea in my head to start doing smaller sized collages as to be able to do them on the road.  I could do them all in pages of a nice notebook, initially using easy to travel with glue stick and applying adhesive once back home.

I enjoy going for the density of composition, which I prefer in all my works, without letting it get too muddy and reduced to visual babel. The initial challenge of achieving this in smaller collage was great fun.

“Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz”

22×30 inches
We are all living under a fluorescent sky temporarily. To stay productive is a huge help. Anyone who can create beauty, now is the time to do so as a reminder of what we will eventually return to. I named this piece after composer/musician (a.k.a Fantastic Negrito) whose work mixes a deep soulfulness with the lament of the blues and some funk.
Composition wise I utilize my preferred density regardless of medium along w/the feeling of a sort of open ended narrative.


20200411_105920Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz

“Self Portrait” 11×14

These are all photos I took and my first smaller collage. I was very pleased with the results.



8 thoughts on “Collage

  1. I loved your post today. I stared out making collages when I was very young from a cardboard box and a Sears catalogue. I called them interior designs. So much fun.
    I loved your self portrait ❤️
    My daughter once made a collage piece made out of $20, $50, and $100 bills. Hung it on her wall and forgot about it. Pretty soon she had to borrow the real money and substitute monopoly dollars. So funny.😁
    Thank you and sending love ❤️

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  2. Synchronicity maybe… but I’m just reading Clement Greenberg’s essay Collage in Art and Culture Critical Essays 1965! He talks about Picasso and Braque (and Cubism) and their use of collage. Actually, Wayne, looking at your collages, they read more as photomontages… nothing wrong with that of course!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I had once seen some collages by max Ernst which were akin to what I do but in black and white and also incorporating woodcut images. He wanted a different term but never got around to coming up with one. I use collage to describe these pieces as point of reference for the audience. To quote Miles “call it anything”.

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  3. I’ve been thinking about trying a collage. My daughter used to make incredible ones. Recently I’ve been reading a lot of Norse mythology, so I’m considering that as a possible theme. I’m not too sure where to begin, though. I think I’m going to grab a box of some sort and start “collecting” things that might go in the collage. Your works are quite inspiring! I look forward to seeing more of your art.

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