Paris Painter

Instagram has made it so that the visual must pop, every canvas, drawing or photo the equivalent of today’s big budget movies. Eliciting ohs and also while being viewed, but ultimately forgettable. (“Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”)

Many of the greatest paintings of the 19th century were just sort melange of raw reportage/visual diary of what they painters saw on a daily basis.

Now these works are immortal. At the time, the impressionists abandoning the heroic, allegorical or mythological to portray a friend reading the newspaper, a worker having a quick eye opener before starting the day or a wife’s hat left on a chair was scandalous.

We marvel at these works not merely for the technique but also the emotions which they continue to exude. A sense of organics is a large part of how they are able to do this, still.

This has been my guide post for painting. Poetry from the seemingly mundane, A personal lexicon of what I see on a daily basis, the real.

This watercolor painting is 4×4 inches on custom cut paper for my disc system pocket pad.

11 thoughts on “Paris Painter

  1. Very interesting read. Especially about instagram setting an annoyingly ‘flashy’ precedent. To contribute to your point – Smartphone cameras and AI are like steel terminators just gunning us artists down in cold blood. It’s really everybody’s loss. But I know there are plenty of folks, here on WordPress and similar communities who will always prefer the real to the synthetic. The mundane to the extraordinary.

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      1. I’m wasted at drawing and painting, myself. But I relish the art. So I prefer and benefit greatly from instruction. ‘How to look at a painting is exactly what people like myself need. It bourgeons our appreciation.

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