The Sprawl

Please my friend, Nothing happens here ’till after10.We will meet at the Metropole and I will make you a party the proper way.

All my muscles twitched in anticipation but also preemptively in sympathy to how I would feel tomorrow.

They call it the sprawl. People seeking their fortune, power over others, their past, themselves or simply  distraction come here.

Often it doesn’t work out. Either to settle debt or naively thinking they will work way up to  better money and position people become window shadows, living come hither ads.

One grows used to seeing the writing silhouettes but always upon first entering the sprawl and encountering them one looks up, not necessarily a good idea here.

The higher up window shadows had to go further than mere writing & dancing to get attention. In compensation for attitude, entire acts could be witnessed occurring perhaps a floor or two before the rooftops.

Both my cheeks were kissed in the proper way as is only right. He clapped his hands together. Everyone nodded to themselves sensing the expansiveness of the boss’s joy to once again see me and hear me talk.

(Notes & images from the sprawl December 2018 W.Wolfson)




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