Soft Lead Pencil

Some time, way after the fall of mankind. Earth is a cleaner, if not kinder place.

“Bernie…yeah…Bernie…You’re killing me Bernie…”

A knock on the door, a head is poked in and quickly waved away.

“You forget, I cut my teeth starting in the copy room, working under the orangutans. Yes, yes it was very thoughtful of you to have remembered us during the holidays, yes my wife was very happy. No, c’mon Bernie…Bernie… we agreed on five percent…how good a quarter we had has nothing to do with anything…Ok, you know what, i can’t spend anymore time on this, you win, you get your seven percent. So much for ape don’t kill ape…ok..yeah-yeah no hard feelings, of course see you at the club…”


pencil & 5×4 Paper Quick Sketch


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