One Eyed Face

I read a lot of the old Romans & Greeks. History, philosophy and plays. Often there were the household Gods.

I liked this concept and wondered if in modern times homes were to have these, what would they look like?

Would we see people waiting in long ques in front of Apple store for latest release of Apple Household God (s) ? Or would each house’s look different depending upon factors such as neighborhood and yearly income?

This sculpture is in my imagining what it may look like.I think for the middle class  People would want them or feel obligated to have one but also desire it to more organically blend in with their surroundings. Upper class would go for the ostentatious, as much like jewelry cars et al it would become another status symbol.

With all my sculptures, I approach it far differently than the process involved with my painting. I prefer to have a largely improvisational method.

I have only just started showing my sculptures. They are often a physical souvenir of a moment, an idea that occurred during, and as I often improvise with my sculptures using only what’s around me, the place it all occurred in.

I had just completed a self portrait of myself with a black eye, so I decided to thematically link it by incorporating something to do with eyes, in this case the face having only one, with this work.

9×12 (4′ off the wall) Wood (maple) brushed steel



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