Drinking With Doctors

I not only woodshed every day but also take other measures as to assure to ever be artistically evolving.

Of course I have preferred equipment but I want to be able to do worthwhile, fully realized pieces no matter where in the world I am.

To foster this adaptability I change up my materials every few days. Not only the size of paper but also its quality (both painting & drawing) same with that of the pencils et al.

If, using a waitress’ pen and some scrap paper, I can make something good, then when utilizing my ideal equipment, it is then “easy”.

When traveling and often over drinks, a bunch of us make up improvised games. The other night it was “What would you do to earn a living if suddenly sent back to the past.”

So many hobbies and even jobs are firmly based in the tech and lifestyle of the here and now, a lot of people would be in trouble. Knowledge of the future would not help as knowing to invest in coca cola or apple in 1900 would be useless.

I do not watch a lot of television but have been enjoying The Alienist. With genre movies & shows, the appeal for a lot of people is escapism. There is another aspect not necessarily consciously thought about though. People see an overly idealized version of themselves plus added abilities (and attention/affection from others) in the main character.

Because of this phenomenon, everyone sees themselves as Sherlock Holmes while no one wants to be Watson. (Captain Kirk, not Scotty).

Luke Evan’s character is a sort of Watson-sidekick who is forensic sketch artist in the show. Shunted back in time, I would probably do that to earn my daily bread.

These are all quick sketches made using a waitress’s pen & scrap paper. Anatomical as to be able to help solve the crime.


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