Paint It Britain

I was very pleased that for January 26 my painting “(Self Portrait) Black Eye” was chosen by Paint It Britain as their painting of the day. It is 5.5×8.5 Watercolor & Paper.



End of Year

Last drawing of ’19. New Year’s Eve.

“You cool?”

“I’m cool baby.”


“Like Miles at theĀ  Isle Wight Festival.”

The sirens screamed but now it was not a song for me.



9×12 Quick sketch


Me I

There is an age old tradition of the artist doing self portraits. Some consider the value of such a work as offering psychological insight into the artist via how they see themselves/how they are presenting themselves to the world.

Often, I am my own subject. With all my portraits I go for a sort of visual raw reportage, presenting the subject as they are for better or worse.

For this reason when I am my own subject, I might be sidestepping the issue entirely. Or the fact that, here I present myself as I am but with the batman mask of a hood could still be a revelation of its own.


Hooded 9×12 graphite & paper