Witold Lutosławski

Watercolor & Paper 5.5×8.520180304_144412

Music is my main source of inspiration. I do not limit myself in regards to what I listen to. There are some definite favorites but I am constantly exploring, pulling new things towards myself.

There is the desire to always be evolving as an artist, I want my voice to be recognizable but I do not want mere mannerisms. Aside from challenging myself in what & how I work, expanding what I listen to is another part of my method. I do not embrace something only to down the line drop it for something newer to me but rather use favorites as navigational points into where else to explore.

Stravinsky has led me to Witold Lutoslawski (1913-1994). I instantly enjoyed everything i heard by him. Like some of my other favorite composers, it is not something I can put on at just any time but when I do put it on it deeply resonates with me.

When I do a portrait of a musician or composer, it is interesting to consider if, someone viewing the piece not familiar w/the subject would see it in a different way than someone who knows their work.