We All Need Beauty (Now)

The news stateside continues to be bleak. Now more than ever we need beauty. Brief glimpses from afar to remind ourselves that the best versions of each of us are waiting to be birthed, that there is something more important beyond the “I” .  Beauty need not be a rarefied thing either, it can be an abandoned spiderweb in the corner of a window or even something more mundane or not traditionally considered so. Beauty can touch us all in collective way, resonating differently for each individual.

To continue evolving as an artist during this I continuously challenge myself. I ordered all kinds of paper which I had never worked with before for both drawing & painting. I have never painted on colored paper. First new thing was to try a 6×8 tan paper which is on a block.

It handled very differently, I had to let it really dry between layers which was all right. The blending was also very different from my other paper. The end result I was very happy with. The volume & mass of skin looks a little more expressionistic than how I portray it with other paper, this is not better nor worse, just different. I will definitely continue  with this paper. I have tan, grey and brown papers in all different sizes to further explore with too.

“Write This Down” 6×8 watercolor & paper


6 thoughts on “We All Need Beauty (Now)

  1. We may like that to which we’re not accustomed more so than our comfort zone stuff. Sometimes though, it may take some time to come to that conclusion. Do you have more than one paper of preference for different moods or creations?
    Also, I love spiderwebs & abandoned cobwebs, just not on me … and outside.
    They are architectural genius and mysteriously beautiful in the fact that they can even exist. I never kill the makers. I do however, argue with them to get in the da** glass so I can take them outside.

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    1. I like to challenge myself, I never want to just mechanically go through motions, so that prevents too much comfort. Before I do a piece , except my sculptures, I pretty much see it complete in my head including what paper/materials i used. I definitely have certain paper/tools I use for certain types of work. It is like when Miles used to always use specific horns for ballads.
      In general, i like discovering new things, i constantly explore.


      1. That is the way I believe is best to be. Personally, when I draw, color, decorate, paint, or design a faerie garden, rarely is the end result as I envisioned it. The things I do seem to take over and create themselves. I was unaware Miles Davis did that. I never learned an instrument, I don’t have the mental requirements for instrumental distinction, unlike my musical genius sons, whom can perform beautifully with many instruments.

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